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YOUR GIFTS AND TALENTS  .  REVEALED                                                                    YOUR AUTHENTICITY  .  ENHANCED                                                YOUR PROFESSIONAL SUCCESS .  INSURED        

You do not feel in your place ...  Stuck in the cage of the unfortunate employee ?


Are you tired of working, locked between four walls ?


Are you saturated with city life, noise, pollution, all this adulterated food ?


Do you feel stressed, anxious, and afraid that you will end up getting sick ?


Is it true that you dare not try something else for fear of a lack of money,

of a loss of job security ?


Do you feel like you are missing out on your life ?



Do you feel like you are extinguished from the inside ?


3 types of motivation to acquire this online shinrin yoku guide training ...


Straight from Japan, an  art of living, nurtured

of a relationship with nature, of a philosophy of life that cannot be invented !



Want to practice for yourself,

or organize forest baths with family or friends ?



Want to add this practice to your already

existing professional activity ?



Want to change your life

and make it tour new job?


The authentic Shinrin yoku, as it is practiced in Japan !

Those who have already benefited from this practice in the forest

share their experience with you...

Thank you Frederique ! Through this practice in the forest, you made me discover and gave keys to open new doors that will allow me "FINALLY" to fully achieve myself.

All these privileged moments lived together were extremely rich humanly, I greatly appreciated your stubbornness in your teaching, you did not let me down...



A huge thank you Frederique for this wonderful day that you made me spend in the forest. You were able to show me all the facets of this beautiful Nature which, when we enter into connection with her, reveals our... How to say ? Our magic ?

Small reflective and meditative breaks too, exercises to improve our well-being. Everything was there. Warmly, and from the bottom of my heart, thank you !


All my gratitude Frederique, thanks to you, I found all the ideas I needed. I finally put my finger on what I dream of as a new life for my family, a project related to nature.I plan to buy a large estate among the trees, and organize all kinds of activities there for my clients. I am now ready to offer myself this great change of life and to give meaning to all my actions.

Thank you very much for all these clicks ! 


I gave myself this gift to get back in control of my life, and truly, I can testify to its effectiveness and impact on a daily basis ! Frederique is an excellent teacher, calm and gentle, but also firm when necessary, an outstanding teacher. I felt an integrated and complete experience with her, just like a 'before' and an 'after' for me ! Thank you very much, Frederique ! I will be sure to come back...


I wanted to thank you once again Frederique ! All these days spent in the forest had a colossal impact for me, I found a lot of answers there on my discomfort, by discovering my childhood wounds. It was extremely liberating ! And I'm happy, because for several months, my cancer has been in remission !                                                                                                         


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I share with you my emotions, my failures, my doubts, and I give you all my good plans, telling you how I do to succeed...

So come join me!


Those who have already benefited from

this training of forest baths on line

share their experience with you...

My idea is to organize clown workshops and courses for adults and to combine them with nature baths. I am convinced that this can be very beneficial in bringing out the clown that is in all of us. As Frederique says : "A return to nature to discover or rediscover one's own nature"!

I enjoy this learning. Every time, I wait for the new videos with an impatience that grows every day and as soon as they are there, I immerse myself in them body and soul.

It's pure happiness ! Thanks Frederique !


Educator - Animator-actor and clown

Nature and the forest are my whole life ! I work hand in hand with them every day. Thanks to this Frédérique's high quality online training, I can add this magnificent art of Japanese forest bathing to my existing professional activity, while continuing to work, with immediate practice ! That's great !


Trainer in massages - mediumistic painter - shaman

This online training is ideal. I can put into practice all the sensory walks, the relaxation/breathing exercises..., while continuing to work. I just had to find a way to organize myself, so that the days don't seem too short ! Frederique is always attentive, caring. It's crazy good ! Thank you Frederique !



What is in this training ?

Among others...

  • First and foremost the true spirit of Shinrin yoku, as practiced in Japan

  • According to scientific studies carried out since the 1980s by Doctor Qing Li and his team, at the Nippon Medical School of Tokyo, the forest air loaded with phytoncides is absolutely essential for maintaining or restoring our health

  • The training includes :

    - 2 modules offering courses on the necessity of forest baths, the power of trees and the forest,  biophilia, the life of trees and the forest, as well as the symbolism of trees according to the terpenes6 modules of exercises, from 4 to 6 videos each, accompanied by technical sheets, audios ... These videos and documents are issued to you as you go, every three weeks, depending of the work they represent

  • Discussions with a group of positive and motivated Nature entrepreneurs in our private community



Upon your purchase, you instantly benefit from a 21-day satisfaction guarantee, which allows you to test the 1st module of this program quietly, safely and with complete peace of mind.

We really want you to see for yourself the quality of this training program !


If after 21 days, you realize that this training is not suitable for you (content, way of teaching...), just send an e-mail, and you will be reimbursed.

It's absolutely no hard feelings. It's your right and you don't have to give us a reason.

You can even come back later if you want...


So, you can try this training risk-free. So come and test it out, you have no fear, and you could instead be very pleasantly surprised, even grateful to yourself before long for having made this decision.

Did you know it ?

We all have a role to play in this great orchestra of life...

And this role, it is our purpose !


We only have one life !

No one should waste their time

in a food job and without fulfillment !




I am Frédérique DUMAS, coach/mentor/therapist/trainer and author, for about fifteen years now.

Drawing on my own life experience, I have helped many people to create their Nature activity or professional retraining. So, in 2018, I decided to make it my specialty. I offer six different professions in connection with Nature, as well as support for creation development and success of any activity, from the moment it is linked to her, and ethics, of course! And I also offer this support online.


Driven by a vibrant passion for nature from a young age, I naturally followed studies in Agronomy and Arboriculture. Only, once I have graduated, no mentor to inspire me or take me under his wing. For ten years, therefore, I did not work in this environment, but in sales and marketing. I had a great time there, I learned a lot, but today, it remains a food job for me...


It was following a very painful event that occurred in my life in 2002, which made me feel how precious life is, that I asked myself two big questions :

       1st : what do I like to do, what does excite me more than anything ?

       2nd : what am I good at, what are my gifts and talents that I can put to the service of others ?

And in 2006, after training as an energy therapist which saved me, once the answers to these questions became clear to me, I didn't yet know what form it could take. And no existing structure was able to inspire me at that time. I only had €5,000 left in advance and at the time I was receiving unemployment benefits.


So I started by creating a Loi 1901 association, simply to share my passion with others : nature, the aesthetic pruning of trees and Japanese gardens. So very quickly, when the members realized how much I knew about it, they asked me if I organized workshops, and that's how it all started ! In 2009, I created my company and I added other activities to it, including a commercial one, many other technical courses, and others of personal evolution in mediation by nature. In 2017, when my son came to work with me, I started a landscape activity, specializing in the creation of Japanese gardens, and more precisely reflections of nature, catalysts of abundance. In 10 years, my activity has developed enormously, even extended internationally and I have multiplied my turnover by 5.


So, since the beginning of this adventure, I have always lived on the outskirts of a small village, very close to nature. But here, now, the time has come for me to have the perfect place on the edge of the forest for what I have always dreamed of creating... I am therefore in the process of acquiring a real estate and land complex in the middle of nature, whose budget (purchase and works) is close to one million euros.


All this to tell you that it is possible.. And that if I did it, you can do it too!





Take advantage of this great offer

and essential to change your life !



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Group coaching approximately every 6 weeks

To help you about gestures of the trade,  to move forward on your project, or to unblock a situation, I answer your previously asked questions, and offer you exercises to make things easier.

For life !

Once this training has been acquired, you have lifetime access to it and can benefit from all updates.



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